Famous Fast Food in Japan, Branches are everywhere

Famous Fast Food in Japan, Branches are everywhere

This one country indeed attracts tourists from all over the world, to come to see its beautiful tours, its still thick Japanese culture, and of course Yummy Japanese culinary delights. But not infrequently tourists who come to Japan to try fast food which is famous in Japan. Because in every country, of course, the presentation of fast food is different. So, this time, will give you a list of fast food that is very famous in Japan, what do you want to know? see the following article!

1. Shitako Takoyaki

The fast food that we will discuss first is Shitako Takoyaki. If you visit Japan, of course, don’t miss tasting this Japanese specialty, Takoyaki. So, for those of you who are confused, where are good takoyaki sellers? You can stop by at Shitako Takoyaki because this fast food serves a variety of takoyaki flavors that you can choose from. One of Shitako Takoyaki’s mainstay menus is Black Takoyaki which consists of Black Charcoal dough, chopped Octopus, special sauce from Shitako Takoyaki, and a sprinkling of soft Katsuobushi. For the taste of Black Takoyaki, the texture is soft, and the octopus in Black Takoyaki is very chewy. Black Takoyaki is best eaten after enjoying a heavy meal!

2. Burgushi

This dessert is indeed unique, and you can only find it in Japan. So Burgushi serves a typical Japanese burger consisting of minced meat which is processed as a substitute for burger buns, then you can choose fillings such as tuna salad, beef double, or beef wakame. After being given the filling, usually add cheese, sauce, and wrap it with nori. There’s no need to doubt the taste of 1 portion of Japanese-style burger, because it’s really delicious, guys! You really have to try it while in Japan. savory, salty and sweet is the perfect combination.

3. Kimukatsu

This fast food restaurant in Japan is indeed very famous for its deliciousness. This Kimukatsu serves a unique menu, namely Katsu which is made from tempeh, and is coated with breadcrumbs to create a crunchy taste! Apart from katsu tempe, here you can also taste a variety of delicious Japanese fast food, and the prices at Kimukatsu are still friendly to your pocket. Really recommended for those of you who are looking for low budget dishes, but still have an okay taste!

4. Coco Inchban Curry

From the name alone, you already know what menu this restaurant serves? Yups, definitely curry, hehhe… Well, Coco Inciban Curry has a mainstay menu, namely Cheese Katsu Omirce, Salad, and various choices of curry that you can enjoy with savory katsu. Curry and katsu are indeed the right combination when enjoyed with warm rice. What’s interesting about Coco Inciban Curry is that you are allowed to mix the spices yourself according to your taste, and the prices offered by Coco Inciban Curry are very affordable, guys! That’s why Coco Inciban Curry is always busy with visitors from various countries, because the price is affordable, and the savory taste of the katsu served here is very crunchy. Make anyone addicted, when you try it.