Typical Italian dishes, Records of Pizza is the brainchild of Central Eastern

Overcooked pizza is known as a common Italian food. However, this type of cuisine, which today is considered the most popular around the world, was extended in many civilizations. The recipes and the way they are prepared are different or not uniformly the same in each subculture.
From the Greeks to the Egyptians, they have a completely unique story about pizza. They have a culture of creating their own personal pizza model. Although this flat or flat ring dish is later claimed to have originated in Italy, experts do not agree at all about

The Origin and Arrival of the First Pizza

In the past, pizza became a popular dish because its ingredients were fairly cheap and readily available. However, it’s a bit unique now, especially in Indonesia. For most Indonesians, pizza is considered an expensive meal.
Pizza probably originated in the Middle East.
The pizza we know and experience today is a thin, large loaf with various toppings. However, it turns out that this dish was an idea born in historic times in the Near East, see
. The peoples of ancient Babylonia, Israel and Egypt used flat or thin bread baked in a clay oven.
At the same time, the toppings for a standard Italian pizza probably come from ancient Greece and Rome.
The ancient Greeks and Romans ate bread fried in olive oil and spices.

Today, the bread that served as the basis of pizza is better known as focaccia. Over time, pizza became more and more popular in Italy and they became more and more accepted. Shortly thereafter came oregano, the spice that makes the pizza even better.To date, there are many types of pizza, including

Vegetarian Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Acropolis Pizza
Quattro Pizza
Seafood Pizza

In addition to the above types, there are of course many types of pizzas with different toppings. Currently, almost any dish is suitable for pizza, even corn, as well as various mushrooms. Not only toppings can be made, but also the main bread with different creations that can delight your taste buds.And you, what’s your favorite pizza?
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