Enjoying Historical Tours in the Old City of Jakarta

Enjoying Historical Tours in the Old City of Jakarta

In 1526, Fatahillah was sent by the Demak Sultanate to attack the port of Sunda Kelapa in the Hindu kingdom of Pajajaran called Jayakarta. The town is only 15 hectares in size and has a traditional Javanese port town layout. In 1529, the VOC destroyed Jayakarta under the command of Jan Pieterszoom Coen, who later rebuilt the city as Batavia in honor of Batavieren, the ancestors of the Dutch.

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 The town began to expand further south after an epidemic of 1835-1870 forced more and more people out of the cramped town, towards the Weltevreden area (now the area around Merdeka Square). Batavia later became the administrative city of the Dutch East Indies.In 1942, during the Japanese occupation, Batavia changed its name to Jakarta and remains the capital of Indonesia.

In 1972, the Governor of Jakarta, Mr. Ali Sadikin at that time issued a decree making Kota Tua a Heritage Site. This governor’s decision is intended to protect the city’s architectural history.