Get to Know the 5 Types of Leadership Styles Preferred by Employees

Get to Know the 5 Types of Leadership Styles Preferred by Employees

There are various styles of leadership in a company or organization that can be liked by employees. Yes, there are actually quite a number of leadership styles that can be seen from each individual. Usually, this style can emerge because of the experience and culture that has been carried out so far. So, what are the leadership styles and the characteristics contained in them and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by click here

Various Leadership Styles

There are a total of seven leadership styles that can emerge naturally from every leader. It could be that one of them is the leadership style that you have been applying.

1. Democratic

The first leadership style is democratic. Maybe you’ve often heard about this leadership style. Carrying the concept of democracy, the democratic leadership style is willing to always discuss with his subordinates before making decisions.

This style actually tries to take input from each of its subordinates in order to be able to get the best and most supported decisions. This is what makes leaders with this trait a favorite of many. Communication from superiors to subordinates continues to run smoothly and effectively, without any authoritarian attitude there.

2. Visionary

As the name implies, visionary leaders are able to provide ideas and plans that can be utilized for the future of the company. Even this idea and plan had never been thought of by the other party.

The visionary leadership type has a leadership style that dares to take risks, is willing to listen to input, and is responsible. Even visionary leaders also dare to hear criticism against him. When you get a leader with this leadership style, don’t be weird if you are invited to do training and meetings so that your abilities will increase.

3. Multicultural

This leadership style is applied in companies with employees who have cross cultures. One of the decisions that is usually taken by leaders with a multicultural style is to celebrate various holidays from various backgrounds with all employees. That way, the sense of togetherness in this company is even stronger.

4. Strategic

The strategic leadership style is synonymous with research teams because they are able to design dynamic patterns to suit market developments. All decisions issued have been based on various studies so that they are more convincing to implement. If there is a new opportunity, then the leader with a strategic style can immediately realize to take advantage of it.

5. Supportive

Supportive leaders have various characteristics and are able to benefit subordinates as well. Every employee’s needs can be met and involved in solving problems. Leaders like this also use a personal approach in interactions with subordinates in order to improve personal relationships. Even the leadership style sometimes does not focus on achieving targets.

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